Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Wedding Details

Cake: Everyone said our cake was delicious. I agree. We got it from a local bakery. A three tier plus two sheet cakes. Getting sheet cakes cut the cost more than half. I definitely recommend going that route. Our cake was cheaper than most people I have talked to, and one person even said it was the best cake she had ever had at a wedding. Goes to show good cake does not need to have a big price tag ;)
My beautiful bouquet: I am lucky to have a former wedding florist/current lawn and garden store owner as a grandfather. My flowers were absolutely free to me, abundant throughout the locations, and stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately, not everyone has these connections. But a beautiful wedding can be had without many flowers.
Signing the license: My grandpa(former pastor) conducted the ceremony. It was beautiful. I recommend having someone you know do it. It was personal, emotional, and funny.

Our programs: We made all our stationary ourselves. Chose apple green cardstock to match the color scheme...then did all printing in black...saved so much money...and I loved them.

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