Friday, June 12, 2009

We Trashed My Dress

Photobooth Magic

Well, our photobooth was half a success. A success because well, look at the fun pictures. People enjoyed it and I loved it. It failed because I tried to replace a guestbook with a photo-guestbook. However not everyone was into the photobooth thing. So I ended up with pictures o half my guests and no "record" of the others. My suggestion is don't use it as a guestbook, just as a fun activity. (Some) people will love it and you get cool pictures! Also all my props, I already had minus a few Goodwill buys and a few dollar store finds.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some Ideas...from my own

We tried to have many things to entertain people at the wedding besides dancing. This especially worked for the kids and our collegish friends. There were games to play, coloring pages, and we even designed our own activity sheet. It was awesome. Did I mention this was all free besides two boxes of crayons. Printed coloring sheets free online. Brought games we own. And made the activity sheets printed free on campus.
Centerpieces: CHEAP! A single flower per table, cheap candles, used vases..simple and pretty.
Ice cream: We love ice cream. So why not treat our bridal party to it before the ceremony. Was a blast, yummy, relaxing for all, and made for fun pictures. Highly recommend doing something fun before the ceremony.

My Wedding Details

Cake: Everyone said our cake was delicious. I agree. We got it from a local bakery. A three tier plus two sheet cakes. Getting sheet cakes cut the cost more than half. I definitely recommend going that route. Our cake was cheaper than most people I have talked to, and one person even said it was the best cake she had ever had at a wedding. Goes to show good cake does not need to have a big price tag ;)
My beautiful bouquet: I am lucky to have a former wedding florist/current lawn and garden store owner as a grandfather. My flowers were absolutely free to me, abundant throughout the locations, and stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately, not everyone has these connections. But a beautiful wedding can be had without many flowers.
Signing the license: My grandpa(former pastor) conducted the ceremony. It was beautiful. I recommend having someone you know do it. It was personal, emotional, and funny.

Our programs: We made all our stationary ourselves. Chose apple green cardstock to match the color scheme...then did all printing in black...saved so much money...and I loved them.

A Few Pictures

Here are a few of my favorites. More to come.