Sunday, May 31, 2009

Long TIme

Phew...It sure has been a long time since I posted. Things got so busy...with finishing school, graduating, planning the wedding, having the wedding, moving, fixing up our new home. WOW!

The wedding was a blast. Pictures are soon to come. I am just waiting.

Some things I learned on my wedding day/advice:
*Many people will only come to the ceremony, not the try not to order too much food and cake. We had soooo much left!
*Get plenty of rest and exercise before your wedding day. I was exhausted and sore for three days after the wedding!
*If you want to have professional pictures, do it before the wedding. It will relax both you and your future spouse. We got pictures and went out for ice cream before, it was great.
*If you have a wedding party and family to walk down the aisle, hire or ask a friend who knows what they are doing to coordinate....basically to dictate the rehearsal and get everyone down the aisle. I had to run the rehearsal was so stressful! But I did have a good friend get everyone down the aisle and am so thankful.
*Enjoy your company. I got to talk to a lot of my guests (regretfully not all) and had a blast doing so. My advice (if you are having dancing) is to talk to the people you know you won't see on the dance floor first...then you can talk to the others while you boogie.
*Be prepared...everyone wants to talk to you..and you will hear people calling your name for attention alllll night.
*Our rehearsal dinner was really laid at the church. There was a ton of people. The laid back thing worked and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. Yay!

Overall a blast...I will share a lot more when I have pictures to post.